To provide you at any time with the best goods for attractive prices, we co-operate with experienced growers, nationwide and internationally. That is how we manage to place your orders so quickly, keep prices low and stay in touch with new trends and fresh ideas.
We know our suppliers and partner companies well, we pay fair prices without delay.


We have spices and sunflowers from our region here in Germany.


The auction in Hyères (South France) and our suppliers guarantee a persuasive selection of organic quality.
With our minicuci van we transport our purchases as fast as possible to the wholesale market.
In France, growers are committed to sustainable cultivation – a commitment minicuci is delighted to share.


2-3 times a week we purchase fresh flowers from our 6 suppliers in Italy.
Our suppliers are small family businesses, who traditionally focus on their flowers’ quality and colourfulness – with exceptional success.


In this neighboring country we purchase daily, online or on the spot. That’s why you will find all of Holland’s novelties also at minicuci. With our own company van all flowers are directly delivered to the wholesale market in Frankfurt.
By the way: Organic pest control and ecoconscious growing is standard in Holland.


From down under directly to minicuci. Our Australian suppliers provide us with precious, exotic foliage straight out of the rain forest.


Out of Peru’s rich and diversified range we choose the most magnificent foliage – exotic and extraordinary beautiful leaves.


For nearly 20 years we have nurtured personal contacts with local growers in South-America and trade with 8 FLP-certified partner companies. 3-4 times a week we import roses, hypericum, exotics, carnation and gypsophila.
minicuci is committed to the flower-label-programme (FLP) to ensure environmentally suitable and humane production. You will find the FLP label on all flower packaging imported from Ecuador. To read more about the FLP programme, please visit


Twice a week during the winter season (September – April) we obtain amazing blooms and greens from South-Africa.
Our trusted farms deliver selected quality, admit no child labour and no use of pesticides.